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1.) What is the name of your product?

The defining theme of the Salzgitter AG trade fair is the SALCOS®-Salzgitter Low CO2-Steelmaking program.

Further info: SALCOS® - Climate Initiative for Low CO2 Steel Production ( salzgitter-ag.com ).

With SALCOS® and the accompanying conversion of production processes, Salzgitter AG will make a significant contribution to a climate-neutral economy.

2.) What are the possible applications of your product? What is new/innovative about it? Does the product have a USP? If yes, what is it?

Yes, we are pioneers in low-CO2 steel production. A production method a' la SALCOS® can be realized per se in any integrated steelmaking plant.

3.) What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

The low-CO2 green steel enables our customers to achieve their sustainability targets (Scoop 3) and produce climate-neutral products.

The green steel produced with SALCOS® has a reduced carbon footprint of more than 95%.

4.) How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?

SALCOS® is a core project of the industrial transformation towards low/zero CO2 production processes. The conversion of metallurgy at Salzgitter alone would reduce German CO2 emissions by 8 million tons per year, equivalent to one percent.