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SCHÄFER Werke , headquartered in Neunkirchen near Siegen, produces, among other solutions, reusable containers (IBCs) for industrial applications. In its new division VIZUU GmbH , the company in future intends to equip these IBCs with sensors to record and transmit data on location, temperature, pressure, filling level, incidence of light, viscosity, and vibrations. The data collected will be transferred to the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), which will facilitate integration of the data into all common ERP systems, including SAP ERP systems . VIZUU also provides an independent web interface.

The concept enables the entire technology to be accommodated in the lid of transport containers, which means that older containers from third-party suppliers can also be equipped with the system. In standard operation, the sensors transmit their data to the cloud once a day, with more frequent transmissions up to real-time transmission possible. Common transmission technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, and mobile communications standards are supported. This means that the sensors can connect to the cloud in any environment, even during transport by truck, ship, or rail.

Dresden-based startup Packwise also recently announced an IoT solution for measuring and tracking containers.