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Siemens and Glitre Energi Nett are working closely together on the IoT pilot project. The aim is to improve grid reliability and availability through earlier detection of potential faults and risks, reduce maintenance costs through continuous condition monitoring, and extend the nominal substation capacity at low ambient temperatures. To this end, Siemens’ Siprotec and Sicam devices with IoT interfaces will be connected via OPC-UA-PubSub , an open standard communication protocol, to MindSphere – the Group’s cloud-based operating system for IoT.

For the very first time, it will be possible to process grid data in the cloud with zero engineering effort, where it can be consolidated, visualized, and analyzed. The Siprotec dashboard will then display data previously inaccessible for analysis in a map view. The solution works with end-to-end authentication (based on certificates) and encryption and, according to Siemens, thereby complies with the most stringent cybersecurity requirements.