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At the start of December, Freiburg-based data storage experts iTernity GmbH and Qumulo Inc. from Seattle in the US announced their new partnership and, at the same time, showcased their joint archiving solution. iTernity is a leading provider of software-based archiving solutions and Qumulo is the market leader for hybrid cloud file storage. The combination of Qumulo’s Active Archive Storage solution and iTernity’s iCAS middleware makes for a highly professional application. It enables large volumes of data to be stored in a scalable environment, with the synergy effects resulting in cost savings.

The digital transformation means that many companies are faced with the major challenge of storing increasingly larger amounts of data efficiently while complying with strict regulatory requirements. iTernity’s iCAS software solution has been certified for GDPR and SEC 17a-4 compliance; it also fulfils HIPAA and SOX requirements. Qumulo’s Active Archive Storage is one of the most efficient nearline archiving systems available. Its intelligent read/write cache technology provides for outstanding performance for billions of files accessed by thousands of users simultaneously.