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HANNOVER MESSE: the final frontier. Captain's log, stardate 2018. These are the voyages of WITTENSTEN SE, with a crew of 2,000 on board. Its continuing mission for 69 years: To boldly develop its own innovative galaxy, seek out new drive systems and new versions of gearboxes. Far from mission control in Igersheim, WITTENSTEIN SE is showcasing solutions previously unknown to mankind... So, the Star Trek pastiche might seem a little far-fetched, but it's actually not that distant from reality. After all, WITTENSTEIN SE is clearly intent on boldly pushing back boundaries at this year's HANNOVER MESSE with its slogan "Make the impossible possible". And we are talking about a galaxy and stars, even if Galaxie is in fact the name of a drive system and the stars are product highlights rather than celestial bodies. On show is a new size for shafts that have to be exceptionally compact and precise at low to medium torque, an ultra-slim design and a gearbox version with or without hypoid gearhead for space-saving integration into machinery. Further highlights include a range of practical trade fair display models that clearly demonstrate the technological advances, application and advantages of the Galaxie drive series in machine tools, milling heads and robotic welding guns.

This year's WITTENSTEIN showcase is the logical progression from the immensely successful launch of the Galaxie drive system at HANNOVER MESSE 2015, where it won the HERMES AWARD. Since then, this innovative system has proved itself to be "superior on principle" in numerous industrial applications and has frequently achieved the impossible. So much so that it has been classified as an entirely new category of gearbox, which is soon to be included in one of the standard reference works for machine tool engineering. The Galaxie is even being heralded as a "technological milestone" in publications and presentations by members of industry and associations such as the Research Association for Power Transmission Engineering (FVA) and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA).