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Since 1990, Dresden Informatik GmbH has been working with its customers to develop high-quality custom application solutions for industrial, commercial and administrative companies - at both national and international level. At HANNOVER MESSE 2020, the company wants to focus primarily on tracking and tracing, particularly when it comes to precise real-time traceability for internal supply chains and clear evidence-keeping for services, all while ensuring maximum cost and performance transparency. To do this, Dresden Informatik is bringing its innovative track & trace solution di:ALog intrack to Hannover.

Placing, managing and acknowledging receipt of internal transport orders or plant mail are just some of the typical applications that this cutting-edge system is designed to cover. Thanks to the solution's mobile data capture technology, up to five photos can be taken and explicitly assigned to each process as a clear means of keeping evidence. di:ALog intrack also generates a tracking label, which is affixed to the relevant item being transported. To minimize the number of unsuccessful delivery attempts, a notification system has been integrated into the software. Receipt of the goods is ultimately confirmed when the recipient provides a signature using the mobile device, or the logistics professional verifies that the goods have been left in a suitable place using photos.

What's more, di:ALog intrack can combine transport orders, a capability designed to reduce the amount of data that needs to be captured. This feature enables users to assign multiple attributes - such as express delivery, registered mail or customs goods - to each shipment. Any overdue deliveries are displayed on the graphic control panel. When it comes to parcels delivered by external service providers, the system is also able to use the tracking codes of the relevant courier service. di:ALog intrack is on show at Hannover both as a cloud solution and as a program that can be installed on the user's IT infrastructure. Despite all the impressive features of this solution, the technical requirements are reportedly minimal.

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