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The aim is to develop integrated hydrogen solutions to deploy the alternative propulsion technology in various modes of transport and vehicle fleets. Local hydrogen ecosystems for a wide range of mobility applications will drive forward the decarbonization of transport.

The three companies cover the entire hydrogen mobility value chain - from the production of "green" hydrogen to its distribution and refueling infrastructure to its use in various vehicle segments. In addition to passenger cars, the initial focus is on buses and light commercial vehicles. In the future, an expansion to heavy trucks is also conceivable.

By integrating various applications and projects in a regional hydrogen ecosystem, a virtuous circle is created that facilitates access to hydrogen for other mobility applications. The collaboration of the three companies is expected to boost both hydrogen supply and vehicle demand. In addition to appropriate infrastructure and refueling stations, integrated vehicle offerings (leasing and service) for customers such as cab and fleet operators as well as local authorities are important.