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UK-based ITM Power is a renowned specialist in integrated hydrogen-energy solutions that use rapid response electrolysis and high pressure to fulfill grid distribution and energy storage requirements for the production of clean fuel for transportation, renewable heat and chemicals. The company’s award-nominated state-of-the-art technology forms part of the first ever system to link local power, natural gas and district heat supplies.

One way in which it achieves this is to convert surplus renewable energy into methane and hydrogen, which can then be injected into the gas grid, from where it can later be used to generate electricity again - thus leveling out peaks and troughs. Many experts believe this "Power-to-Gas" process will be one of the key technologies for ensuring future power supplies. Thanks to its compact design, ITM's demand-focused, flexible system for producing hydrogen and oxygen by means of electrolysis can be installed close to consumers. The hydrogen it produces from renewably sourced electricity can be used as fuel for LPG-powered vehicles.

ITM Power Plc (Sheffield S4 7QQ, United Kingdom), Hall 27, Stand B66, Topic: Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries pavilion, co-exhibitor with Renz FAIR