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TUBS GmbH, a spin-off from TU Berlin, aims to get science and PR working hand in hand so that scientific findings can actually reach the people who can put them to good use, i.e. businesses. And what better venue could there be to introduce the potential of the research sector to the market than the flagship Research & Technology fair in Hannover, which is part of the event of the year for global industry? The special exhibition area in Hall 2 shared by MAN Energy Solutions SE and TU Berlin is exhibiting pioneering technologies for training assembly staff in specialist mechanical engineering as well as intelligent battery production processes for the e-mobility of tomorrow and smart city concepts for urban living.

At its site in Berlin, MAN Energy Solutions SE produces geared compressors for the oil and gas industry that boast outstanding efficiency, low running costs and a low investment outlay. However, manufacturing these products poses a challenge, as staff need specialist know-how if they are to assemble and maintain them efficiently. To meet this challenge the company teamed up with the Assembly Technology and Factory Management department at TU Berlin to develop a range of augmented reality (AR) training applications, which visitors can examine for themselves in Hannover.

The Assembly Technology and Factory Management department is also exhibiting a process that prevents downtimes in the battery cell production process sequence and is said to boost productivity by more than 150 percent compared to the international state of the art. The operating principle behind this innovative solution is being demonstrated at the fair using the eXtended Transport System (XTS) developed by Beckhoff.

Last but not least, TU Berlin’'s CHORA project - which is currently exploring intelligent prefabrication - is presenting examples of how components can be prefabricated in a way that is intelligent, responsive, flexible, modular and highly dynamic as well as economical in terms of both costs and resources. The technologies on show are designed to meet the urgent demand for new living space while reducing the negative impact on climate change.