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The new Škoda data center will house 6,500 servers on 500 racks in an area of nearly 1,700 square meters. With a capacity of 15 billion operations per second, it is equipped for demanding industrial applications. This computing power will be used for virtual reality representations, visualizations and simulations in production and development. The servers will also store data, for example from networked cars. With the waste heat produced cooling the center with 4,200 cubic meters of water per hour, the Volkswagen subsidiary plans, among other things, to heat its offices. Škoda is currently looking for 44 employees for its IT department, which hopes to fill 80 positions by the end of the year.

More and more often, powerful data centers are becoming an investment and success factor for car makers. VW has relied on a high-performance computing center in Iceland since 2016. According to waz-online.de , due to the low average temperatures at the location and by using 100% renewable energy, the group can reduce its costs and carbon dioxide emissions. BMW moved to Sweden to realize CPU-intensive, business- and time-uncritical applications in a cooler climate, as hosting company Hydro66 reports.