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Planning a production process rationally, with all its complex, intermeshed procedures, has long been a cornerstone of a successful company. Careless errors and constant revisions can quickly pull the sought-after margins down into the red. What was previously developed laboriously at the drafting table, or - as often the case - in the heads of highly specialized engineers, is now increasingly accomplished using software-based simulations that can identify faults and obstacles in process chains before a single foundation is poured. Magdeburg-based tarakos is presenting the latest version of taraVRbuilder, a software application for planning production and assembly areas even with no specific prior expertise, at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

Experienced users can quickly draft realistic scenarios for typical manufacturing procedures in 3D. Animated objects supplied in the accompanying libraries are placed on the two-dimensional surface of the future production site. The process planner uses the drag & drop function to place individual machines, shelving systems or transport vehicles into the floor layout, using a touchscreen if desired. These objects are then connected to data and information from corresponding Excel tables, such as cycle times or volumes of goods, generating a realistic animation in the blink of an eye. In this way, realistic scheduling and forecasting for potentially costly decisions can be accomplished without uncertainty, and the attractive presentations and videos can help convince decision-makers in-house or at other companies.

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