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Micropsi Industries, a Berlin-based software company, specializes in artificial intelligence for industrial robots. One of Micropsi's favorite tasks is the automation of processes where automation was previously unthinkable. In this way, the young company aims to make production facilities more productive, workplaces more ergonomic and supply chains more resilient.

Micropsi's core product is MIRAI, an add-on component for controlling industrial robots. Robots equipped with MIRAI can perceive their work area with cameras and adapt their movements to the conditions. This makes it possible to automate processes where this was previously not possible or not economical. Changes in the position, shape or color of a component? Changing lighting conditions? Dynamic environmental conditions? With the MIRAI AI control system, every industrial robot should be able to learn how to deal with variances such as these. MIRAI uses artificial intelligence to generate the movements of a robot directly and in real time. MIRAI is already in use in manufacturing, and Micropsi is currently working on expanding the range of applications for logistics and laboratory automation.