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Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG from Verl, Germany, specializes in open automation systems based on PC-based control technology. The product range of the East Westphalian company includes the main areas of Industrial PC, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology, automation software, automation without control cabinets, and hardware for industrial image processing. Product lines are available for all areas, which function as individual components or in combination as a complete, coordinated control system.

Embedded PCs from the Beckhoff CX series

With the Embedded PCs from the CX series, for example, Beckhoff combines PC technology with the modular I/O level to create a space-saving industrial controller on the DIN rail. Terminals from the Beckhoff I/O range can be attached to the right-hand side of each Embedded PC as standard. The terminals are simply plugged into the Embedded PC; contacting takes place when they are snapped in, without any further handling. The direct connection of the I/O systems eliminates the cost of additional couplers, reduces the wiring effort and enables a compact and space-saving design of the control system in the control cabinet. Control cabinets and terminal boxes can thus be made smaller and even more economical.

Robust and compact design

The Embedded PCs from Beckhoff are particularly robust mechanically and can also be used in harsh industrial environments due to their high resistance to vibration and shock. The extended temperature range from minus 25 to plus 60 degrees Celsius is standard. This means that they can even be used at warm locations or in particularly cool zones. Due to this robust and compact design, many application areas and use cases in industry are conceivable.

Extensions now also on the left

The CX series is now complemented by the CX5600 series. With absolutely identical housing dimensions, it extends the existing CX5100 series. The small but significant difference is that it can be expanded on the left-hand side with a CX2500-xxxx plug-in module, with an additional space requirement of around 22 millimeters in width. This allows further PC interfaces (for example two additional 1 GB Ethernet ports) or fieldbus interfaces (for example for PROFIBUS, CANopen, etc.) to be added to the system.

Already well equipped in the basic configuration

The basic configuration of the CX5600 Embedded PCs features two independent 1 GB Ethernet interfaces, four USB 3.0 ports, one DVI-D port and one multi-option interface that can be flexibly assigned ex factory, for example with a serial port or a fieldbus connection.

Fast hardware replacement in case of service

The boot and storage medium is a replaceable, industrial-grade M.2 SSD (SATA), whose slot is accessible behind a flap. Both the operating system and TwinCAT and user projects are stored on it. In case of service, a quick hardware exchange is thus possible. A software update should also be possible on site by simply replacing the M.2 SSD. The built-in capacitive 1-second UPS ensures secure storage of persistent application data on the M.2 SSD. Date and time are buffered via a replaceable battery.