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Being a woman and working in a male-dominated professional field can sometimes cause a feeling of being alone and isolated. Sharing experiences, knowledge and skills with other women can help. At the same time women in STEM professions can gain valuable resources, information and support to help advance their careers and overcome obstacles thanks to a strong network. This not just increases the visibility of women in the industry but also helps to promote gender equality.

Do you feel unsure about how to effectively connect with new contacts? Not quite sure how to build relationships for your professional network and career development?

Today, we will share 4 tips on how to expand your professional network:

1. Connect on social media and online communities

Online you can exchange ideas with like-minded people, share knowledge and benefit from the experiences of others. In addition, platforms such as Xing, LinkedIn and Instagram/Facebook provide an opportunity to present yourself to a wider audience and attract attention to yourself. Insider tip: Try to meet your online contacts in person as well, this way you strengthen your connections and leave a longer-lasting impact.

2. Find a mentor in your field

Finding and building a relationship with a so-called mentor can have many advantages. A person with more experience and knowledge in your field can give you valuable advice and insight into the industry. They can even help you with planning and improving your career. In addition, mentors are likely to be well connected throughout their field of work and you can benefit from that as well. Through your relationship with a mentor, you can also learn from their experiences and mistakes and progress even faster.

3. Leave a comment in this post with name/ profession/ desire of networking. We help you to network!

Leave your name, profession and your preferred way to network (e.g. via LinkedIn) in the following post and connect with like-minded people.

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4. Visit the WomenPower Congress 2023 in Hannover 

20 years of WomenPower means 20 years of networking among women in the STEM sector.

And you can find out exactly how to network with each other on our "Networking Plan". Of course, there will be plenty of free time as well with opportunities for a quick chat or a lively conversation during lunch with 1000 other visitors

Networking Plan

Thursday, 20.04.2023 – 6 pm Networking Night
Friday, 21.04.2023 – 1 pm Storytelling Café - Sisterhood
Friday, 21.04.2023 – 2.15 pm Workshop12 – Success factor network