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More light! Goethe's purported final words often serve as a catchy slogan for innovative lighting solutions and are entirely apt in this case, too, even though a prince among poets who is about to shuffle off this mortal coil no doubt has other things on his mind than poorly illuminated enclosures! Even electricians working with low voltages should, however, recognize the importance of good vision in this environment, which is not entirely without its dangers. STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH from Schwäbisch Hall has been looking for a solution to this problem for some time and the company is now using HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to unveil the new LED Varioline - its most powerful LED enclosure lamp yet - which also offers users additional application options thanks to an integrated socket.

The anti-glare LED Varioline is 300 millimeters long, boasts a rotation angle of 120 degrees and is equipped with up to 30 hand-picked mid-power LEDs. With a power consumption of just 11 watts/hour at supply voltages of 100-240 V AC, the lamp delivers a light intensity of over 1000 lumens. That should be sufficient to illuminate even large enclosures homogeneously over their full height and depth for up to 60,000 hours. The tried-and-tested 6500 kelvin daylight color enhances safety further still with its natural and distinctive color reproduction. That alone, however, isn’t sufficient to justify including "Vario" in the product name. The lamp exhibits its full variability when additional electrical devices are operated in addition to the lighting function. For example, the LED 121 Varioline comes with an integrated socket for connecting diagnostic devices, laptops or other items. The LED Varioline also has a variety of power connection options. Depending on the application, users can choose from versions with an on/off switch, motion detector or door contact switch. Screw or magnetic fasteners ensure lamps benefit from a flexible hold while also being protected against enclosure vibrations.