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FRP - the Federal Republic of the Philippines, right? Not in this case! The other definition of FRP is fiber-reinforced plastic, a material comprising a plastic matrix that is permeated with reinforcing fibers and boasts properties that make it perfect for use in lightweight construction. A spin-off from TU Darmstadt, DANTO-Invention GmbH specializes in precisely this kind of innovative lightweight construction concept for fiber-reinforced plastic parts and is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to showcase its DANTO Spring, which is all set for its market launch.

Everything about the spring is innovative and it offers crucial advantages over conventional spring elements. First off, it delivers a weight saving of more than 70 percent compared to a steel spring. More important, however, is the exceptional flexibility this concept offers in terms of shaping and which is set to give designers in a whole range of sectors previously unimaginable design options. The DANTO Spring is also stainless and exhibits excellent damping properties. Thanks to these and many more benefits, this concept opens up a broad range of fascinating applications in fields such as robotics, shipbuilding, aerospace and mechanical engineering, to name but a few.