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Not all machines are delivered in perfect condition. Although manufacturers must comply with the European Machinery Directive, the BG RCI emphasizes that this is not checked by an independent body. Pre-commissioning tests are also important because, under the German Industrial Safety Ordinance , companies are required to inspect work equipment before use. Those who discover safety-related deficiencies too late usually have to shoulder the conversion costs, not to mention the potential dangers of malfunctioning machines for the users.

These risks can be minimized using the free Machine Check app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store . The user benefits from step-by-step support through the testing process. One of the advantages of the app compared to the written information in the corresponding leaflet is that, following a preselection process, only questions applying to the respective machine are displayed. Additional photos can also be included in the results report.

With Vision Zero , the BG RCI is also pursuing a prevention strategy that has since been adopted internationally. The vision consists of a world without work-related accidents and illnesses. A separate guide summarizes the seven golden rules for healthy working without accidents.