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Predictive Maintenance (PM), which is a development in condition monitoring, monitors and detects the state of wear of machine and facility components. Based on collected data, the condition of machines can be predicted with amazing accuracy in the future, which in turn enables maintenance work to be scheduled on time (!) and system stability to be increased. This makes PM is a key efficiency factor for all processing and production companies. In machine and plant engineering, on the other hand, this presents a radical change in the role that maintenance plays: from a necessary evil to a potential revenue model .

This is often exactly where the problem lies, however, as shown by a study carried out by Roland Berger, VDMA and Deutsche Messe . Here German mechanical engineers were asked how they rate the importance, opportunities and implementation of PM solutions. The result: Although many companies expect a booming new business, they are often uncertain how money can be made from it. They tend to think along the lines of expense-based invoicing rather than success-oriented "digital" pricing models. Other important factors, such as a clear understanding of their customers’ needs and the clear formulation of a business model geared towards this, have so far, in many cases, not been systemically addressed either.