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As part of the 3D-Living-Lab research project, scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF have developed real-time interaction between humans and machines, which they will be presenting at HANNOVER MESSE at the start of April. At the show, a wall made up of 150 spheres will be on display , which copies in 3D every head, arm, and hand movement of a person standing in front of it.

The system works with 3D sensor technology, 3D data processing, and image fusion, as well as an actuator system – the wall of 150 spheres. It responds to the behavior of people standing in front of it, captures their movements, and gives real-time feedback. A new generation of 3D sensors are used here. The relevant data captured by them is, in turn, forwarded and processed with very low latencies. The wall of spheres reacts almost instantly, mirroring the movements of the person in front of it.

In industrial production environments, the technology can be used to monitor collaborations between humans and robots, for example, enabling the machine to react immediately when it is handed a part. Other conceivable applications are in assembly assistance and quality control systems and the monitoring of biometric access points.