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Temperature-control processes, such as the heating and cooling applications used to process metals and plastics, must run smoothly at all times to ensure perfect product quality. Achieving that dependability requires flowmeters that firstly are precise and reliable and, secondly, also cover a wide measurement range so that both large operating volumes and small leaks can be recorded. This is where Bürkert - a globally leading manufacturer of measuring, open-loop and closed-loop control systems for liquids and gases - comes in, offering its ultrasonic flowmeters as a practical solution.

Covering measurement ranges from 0.3 to 75 liters per minute or 0.05 to 10.5 liters per minute at dynamics of 1:250, Bürkert’s ultrasonic level transmitters are perfect for recording both small and large flow rates. Since ultrasonic technology based on the TDOA method works without moving parts and the temperature sensor is already integrated, these measurement devices are insensitive to external influences such as soiling and are thus virtually maintenance-free. What’s more, thanks to their modular design the ultrasonic flowmeters can be fitted quickly and easily in both vertical and horizontal pipelines.

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