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Balluff GmbH from Germany is one of the world's leading sensor and automation specialists, offering a comprehensive range of advanced sensor, identification and network technologies, along with software for holistic system solutions. The company is constantly demonstrating its innovative prowess, as recently shown by the launch of its magnetic encoder with integrated Drive Cliq interface.

The BML SGA absolute magnetic encoder is set to impress in applications that depend on absolutely accurate real-time positioning and end of travel. The system is easy to retrofit into existing work environments and offers users outstanding flexibility with the option of leaving and returning to the detection range of the magnetic tape. This provides simple and economical solutions for demanding applications in automation and mechanical engineering, particularly those involving specialist machinery.

Balluff points out that the BML SGA absolute magnetic encoder's Drive Cliq interface means it can also be integrated perfectly with Siemens controllers, as certified by Siemens itself. Incorporating the encoder into drive systems is exceptionally easy thanks to plug-and-play installation, as the controller automatically detects the sensor and its basic settings. The system continuously checks measurement quality and plausibility to ensure a high level of reliability, while automatic status monitoring keeps track of signal quality. Last but not least, the function reserve can be evaluated in the controller.

Balluff GmbH (73765 Neuhausen, Germany)
Website: www.balluff.com