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What is the name of your product?

MQ2004 - magnetically biased position sensor with IO-Link

What problem does your product solve?

The MQ2004 can reliably detect objects even in difficult environmental conditions such as welding applications. The robust metal housing is coated so that weld spatter just rolls off. Thanks to its selective steel detection the sensor can also be mounted behind non-ferromagnetic covers (e.g. aluminium), allowing wear-free use.Therefore it ensures high machine uptime. Unwanted downtime is reduced.

What is the main advantage of your product for customers?

The MQ2004 has two IO-Link switching outputs which can provide a distance value and perform diagnostic functions such as "too close" or "clean me". The sensor detects that an object, for example an insertion device, comes too close in the course of time. As an alternative, gradual soiling of the sensing face can be detected, allowing targeted cleaning.

Why would you refer to your product as "intelligent"?

With the communication medium "IO-Link" the MQ2004 can be connected to the machine controller and with its secondary data it can also be used for OEE indicators. Further data can also be made available in the ERP system. Moreover data such as the number of switching cycles can be provided to assign productivity figures to each production order.

What else is important?

Together with IO-Link masters the sensor is part of the large product range of ifm electronic gmbh for smart products. In addition, a cloud connection for Industry 4.0 can be offered using the respective software tools such as the SMARTOBSERVER. This allows representation of the complete path from the component in production to the ERP system.