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Even if digitization seems to have invaded and conquered HANNOVER MESSE 2018, you can still find good old industrial hardware made from steel, glass and plastic. And at the end of the day, companies still have to somehow move heavy, bulky goods from A to B (and even C). However heavy the load and whatever it is that needs moving, AeroGo has a fitting solution. When it comes to transporting goods, this innovative manufacturer from the United States looks beyond wheels to work with time-tested hovercraft technology. AeroGo is showcasing the latest model in its extremely buoyant series of Silverback Air Cushion Vehicles - the 725 MT - at HANNOVER MESSE 2018.

Over the years, AeroGo's air cushion vehicles (AVs) have proved an extremely cost-effective and reliable alternative to cranes, conveyor belts, driven vehicles, casters, rails and drag chains. The company’s AVs are all kitted out with market-leading Aero-Caster technology and special drive systems, which make it possible to move even tons of goods easily, accurately and safely with just one pair of hands.