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Established in 1946, WIKA is a global family-run company and a world leader in pressure and temperature measuring technology. In fact, when it comes to fill levels, flow rates and calibration technology, the WIKA Group and its workforce of 9,300 set the standard. The company has now raised the bar yet again by launching the first device of its type in the shape of a float switch with PNP or NPN switching output signals. The “"GLS 1000" captures the fill level of liquids with an accuracy equal to or less than one millimeter.

In a world-first, the digitalized float-based measuring principle of this new WIKA fill level switch is based on semiconductor sensors that support an unlimited number of switching cycles. If the user requires, up to four switch points can be specified with a minimum distance of just 2.5 millimeters between each, which means even the smallest of level changes can trigger a switching pulse. What's more, the "GLS 1000" features a temperature output with Pt100/Pt1000 resistance for monitoring the temperature of liquids. As it is similar in shape and structure to its conventional counterparts, the "GLS 1000" digital float switch can be used as an economical replacement for classic PNP/NPN limit level switches, even though it uses electronic switching principles.

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