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The young and vibrant company has gathered together Europe’s leading augmented and virtual reality experts to develop interactive and immersive solutions for businesses. In pursuit of its goals, the international team of software engineers, user experience designers and communications experts is leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as head-mounted displays like Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens, VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR, and face tracking and projection mapping technologies. RE'FLEKT has its own in-house research center, dubbed the Breaking Innovation Lab, and also collaborates with the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the Technical University Munich (TUM). With REFLEKT REMOTE, RE’FLEKT GmbH is now launching the first Enterprise Augmented Reality Suite with remote support and content automation onto the market.

REFLEKT REMOTE is designed to enable real-time support via live video and provide direct access to expert know-how. According to statements from the company, all incidents can be recorded and evaluated in the cloud-based incident management system. By linking up with the augmented-reality apps of the REFLEKT ONE content platform, staff will be able to access the know-how of off-site experts or interactive step-by-step guides for Android, iOS or Windows devices and selected head-mounted displays such as Microsoft Hololens. The end result is that they save themselves valuable time in their day-to-day work. By bringing together specialist expertise in real time and utilizing high-end automated AR applications, RE'FLEKT wants to offer nothing less than the most comprehensive AR solution for optimizing the maintenance, operating and training processes associated with complex machinery and plants. "n the long term, conventional technical documentation will not be able to meet the demands of companies for simple instructions and rapid support," predicts Wolfgang Stelzle, CEO of RE'FLEKT GmbH. "Our Enterprise AR Suite gives industrial companies the opportunity to enhance, or even completely replace, traditional manuals with easy-to-understand instructions that staff can see in front of them - and do so precisely where the need is greatest. No programming or external experts are necessary, which leads to improved reliability and more efficient processes in companies."

RE'FLEKT GmbH (80807 Munich, Germany)