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What is the best way to measure linear motion precisely and effectively over relatively long distances? Most methods used up to now have shortcomings. Cable encoders are highly susceptible to wear, laser measurement systems have trouble acquiring multiple positions in the same light space, magnetic strips are prone to problems in the presence of magnetic swarf, optical readers can't read dirty position markers, magnetostrictive measuring systems have limited working lengths, and glass scales are simply too expensive above certain distances. At HANNOVER MESSE 2014, TR-Electronic presents a new measuring system that puts an end to these problems.

The LMC55 absolute position encoder can measure up to 30 positions simultaneously. The moving part is a simple passive magnet, so no additional power supply is necessary. The measuring system consists of convenient individual sections two meters long, which are assembled on the machine to obtain the desired total measuring distance. The individual segments are laid out in a row according to local conditions to obtain the desired overall length. The LMC55 can be extended up to a length of 20 meters in this way, and the actual position can be output to the controller over various interfaces, including PROFIbus, CANopen and EtherCAT.

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