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The experts of the VDMA see an “acute need for action” as a result of their study “ Cyber Risks in Mechanical and Plant Engineering .” Around half of all participants use obsolete systems to protect themselves from attacks by cybercriminals, and nearly nine out of ten have not yet been adequately insured against the damage that can result from such attacks. The study was compiled by VSMA GmbH , the insurance-focused subsidiary of the VDMA.

Peter Wirnsperger , Partner Cyber Risk Services at the consulting firm Deloitte, confirms that the digital dangers for the manufacturing industry are increasing. “It’s not a question of whether, but when the first company assumed to be secure will have to dispose of batch parts that have not been properly produced due to a hacker attack,” said the security expert . He confirms that many companies underestimate the dangers. “Protection basically starts with the realization that you are a potential target. Many companies, including in Germany, still lack this awareness.”

At the Hannover Messe, the Forum Industrial Security will discuss how safety and security can be accommodated. The lecture program has organized heise events together with VDMA .