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And that’s by no means the only reason why the leaders of the global industrial sector will be standing up and taking notice of Mexico when they gather at HANNOVER MESSE. Mexico and its exhibitors will be addressing topics of pivotal importance to the participating companies, and showcasing their nation as an innovative and open partner. Among the topics to receive special attention are Industry 4.0, energy, environmental technology, vocational training, startups and foreign investment. The stated aims of Mexico’s government include putting in place the strategies and infrastructure necessary for a successful fourth industrial revolution. Mexico also intends to use HANNOVER MESSE to strengthen and advance its international trade relations and, among other things, to further its efforts to secure a free trade agreement with the European Union.

"The eyes of the entire industrial world will now be turned to Mexico. This partnership is a win-win for everyone and will do much to grow and improve economic relations between Mexico and Europe."

The Mexican government’s strategic objectives include expanding bilateral initiatives to improve education quality and workforce qualifications. One of the big challenges here is to improve the quality of the basic and vocational education received by the burgeoning youth segment of the country’s labor market. Mexico’s government is working on a number of initiatives in this regard, including a reform of the education system and moves to overcome the country’s skills shortage by stepping up the introduction of aspects of the German-style dual vocational training model at upper-secondary level.

Mexico's contribution to the HANOVER MESSE 2018 Partner Country showcase is organized and coordinated by ProMéxico, the Mexican government’s international trade and investment promotion agency.

Partner Country Mexico