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OLA has a similar business model to Uber and, according to the company, holds a market share of around 60% in its homeland. Last year the company starting offering passengers its OLA Play service, which enables both driver and passenger to connect to the Internet and access a variety of infotainment options via a tablet. Now, OLA and Microsoft have announced an expansion of this service : In future, passengers should therefore also be able to access Office 365, Skype for Business, and a voice-assisted control service during their journey. As for drivers, the new OLA Play should help them reduce fuel consumption, improve navigation, and receive notifications when wear parts need replacing by means of predictive maintenance.

Uber has already responded and is rumored to also be working on a tablet-based entertainment system for selected taxis, apparently exclusively for India. Passengers in the US can already access music-streaming services Pandora and Spotify, as well as café search Cupper , via an Uber partner App .