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3N Solutions GmbH from Wendlingen am Neckar is a renowned service provider in the field of cleaning sensitive switchgear and converter technology using a specially developed, 100 percent dry gas mixture technology. This clever method has been used successfully for 15 years in industrial and production plants in all sectors.

The dry gas technology used by 3N Solutions is characterized in particular by its time efficiency and thoroughness. Compared to other cleaning methods (vacuum cleaners, brushes, chemicals), only a quarter of the working time is required, which enables the cleaned production facilities to be available again more quickly. This means that even shorter production downtimes can be used efficiently. The use of chemical solvents on electrical components is completely dispensed with. Cleaning is completely dry, contact-free and minimally invasive thanks to a maximum working pressure of 1.5 bar.

In addition, the dry properties of the gas mixture make it possible to clean up to one kilovolt under voltage. This means that production downtimes can be completely avoided. When planning and implementing service projects, 3N Solutions places a particular focus on individual support - from the initial consultation to project planning and post-processing - provided by experienced regional managers on site. With their specialized cleaning services for electrical systems, the Swabians have set themselves the goal of contributing to clean and therefore safe industrial production.