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As an organization championing global acceptance of the integrated, ethernet-based network CC-LINK IE, the CC-Link Partner Association is harnessing the global reach of HANNOVER MESSE to showcase CC-Link IE TSN as the only open industrial ethernet that combines gigabit bandwidth with TSN. As a next-generation network, CC-Link IE TSN builds on current CC-Link IE technology. It has been developed with future market demands in mind and enhanced with time sensitive networking (TSN) technology. These are additional standards for IEEE ethernet and are designed to bring operational technology (OT) and IT closer together and further improve performance and functionality. Thanks to the diversification of development methods, the specification can be flexibly implemented for various device types and also support communication using internet protocol (IP) and control communication technology.

The developers of the CC-Link IE TSN specification believe the corresponding efficiency gains will drive down the time it takes to implement smart factories that use the IIoT. The CC-Link IE specification was unveiled as the first open, ethernet-based industrial network with a transmission rate of 1 Gbit/s in 2007. Since then, the range of functions and applications of what started out as generic input and output control has been expanded with protocols for motion control and functional safety. CC-Link IE can be used to combine the high-speed communication of large volumes of cyclical control data with information outside of control communication, known as transient data. Not only are both data categories able to coexist without a problem thanks to the 1-gigabit bandwidth, it’s also easy to identify the cause of network failures. A wide range of industries are set to benefit from these advances, which make it easy to set up production facility systems that not only control and monitor, but can also collect and analyze information.