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Giving people with limited mobility more control over their lives - that is the vision of the Blue Danube Robotics team. Walter Wohlkinger and Michael Zillich founded this start-up in Vienna a year ago, and now they are at HANNOVER MESSE 2014, among other places in the "tech transfer – Gateway2Innovation" theme park, to present their innovation: BLUE, a robot helper for everyday tasks.

Getting a drink from the refrigerator, moving a chair out of the way, picking something up from the floor - for some people these gestures represent insurmountable challenges, or are at the very least extremely difficult to manage. For people living with a disability or seniors who are no longer fully mobile - in a wheelchair, paralyzed or on crutches, for example - BLUE could become a constant practical companion, as envisioned by the Blue Danube Robotics team. People with limited mobility could continue to live autonomously in their own homes with the help of this assistive technology robot. The two-armed robot will be controlled by voice, gesture, joystick or tablet, and is designed to be easy to handle, safe and affordable. The company already introduced the robot’s head and face at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna in October 2013, and their vision continues to take more complete form.

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