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Designers share their 3D designs of the control cabinet layout from Eplan Pro Panel cloud-based with colleagues and business partners. Tim Oerter, Program Manager Digitalization at Eplan, oversees the development of AR solutions and explains how to get started with Eplan eView Free AR. "A control cabinet is built in Eplan Pro Panel and subsequently uploaded to the Eplan ePulse cloud environment. In this way, it is possible to share 3D designs with other users within an ePulse organization."

This automatically generates a link as well as a QR code that can be forwarded to the desired recipient. People can scan the code using their tablet or smartphone via PTC's free "Vuforia View" app. Now the 3D design can be displayed anywhere via the end device's camera - and can be projected onto a desk or into the production environment, for example.

Changes can also be made with the tap of a finger on any control cabinet component: Simply tap, and the system opens the 2D view of the circuit diagram, for example for further coordination via redlining and greenlining.