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In 1931 - long before the first HANNOVER MESSE - Christiani, Germany’s first distance-learning school, set out to broaden employees' vocational knowledge alongside their day-to-day work. Over the decades, the Technical Institute for Vocational Training has also undergone continuous development itself and, with its extensive expertise and comprehensive range of vocational training, is now a recognized partner to over 70,000 SMEs and large companies in Germany and elsewhere. Like so many other exhibitors, the Konstanz-based institute is focusing its trade fair presentation on the all-pervasive Industry 4.0 while also premiering its UbiFactory modular mechatronics system (mMS).

The innovative practice-based UbiFactory training system supports step-by-step teaching of automation technology, starting with simple procedures all the way to complex processes in line with digital Industry 4.0 standards. The modular structure enables theoretical and practical training to be adapted perfectly to specific needs and is ideal for initial industrial training, further technical training and projects in a university degree course. To create a range of different automated processes, various functional assemblies, a robot and two controllers (PLCs) are mounted on four trolleys with T-grooving plates. The processes / paths of the workpieces are controlled using RFID tags integrated into the cube halves. Part of the equipment can be removed to reduce the overall process.