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The FKFS is one of the most renowned German development service providers and is a partner to the international automotive and supplier industry. The main task of the approximately 180 specially qualified FKFS employees is to carry out research and development projects in the fields of drive systems, vehicles and automotive mechatronics. They are supported by numerous highly specialized test benches as well as in-house measurement, testing and simulation procedures developed at the FKFS. As a further argument for its expertise, the FKFS cites its many years of experience in the development and application of development tools. It is emphasized that absolute discretion and confidentiality are naturally guaranteed when carrying out projects of any kind.

Sustainable mobility based on combustion engines

Virtual development tools in particular can make a valuable contribution on the currently essential path to sustainable mobility. 3D CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations play a particularly important role in the development of new engine concepts. These simulations are not only about visualizing the internal engine processes, but also about how various influences affect engine performance, thermal efficiency and emission behaviour. The FKFS virtual engine development approach aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of these factors in order to accelerate and optimize development processes.

Simulations for a deeper understanding

The virtual tests are carried out using the QuickSim simulation tool, a 3D CFD software developed in-house, in which the calculation domain contains the entire engine system and can therefore represent it in its entirety. With the specially adapted QuickSim models, it is possible to simulate several consecutive engine cycles using tried and tested injection models and detailed reaction kinetics for combustion. Current development priorities include projects ranging from basic research to motorsport. The FKFS focuses in particular on current development topics: Alternative fuels, water injection, knock resistance, post-oxidation and innovative combustion concepts as well as several other related topics.

The potential of different energy sources

In line with these topics, the FKFS can measure various fuels and sprays in its in-house PDA (phase Doppler anemometry) laboratory in order to validate and continuously develop simulation models. In addition to conventional fuels and e-fuels, gaseous fuels such as hydrogen and methane also play a major role in future development projects. Especially in combination with innovative combustion concepts, such as ignition with the aid of a pre-chamber system, the potential of combustion can be identified quickly and efficiently.