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The so-called high-performance aerosol concrete is registered for patent and is supposed to be both stable and heat-insulating at the same time. This would allow exterior walls to be planned and designed differently, says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martina Schnellenbach-Held of the UDE : "In the future, exterior walls will be able to be produced single-leaf from one material, without additional thermal insulation." The state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the EU are supporting the development of this innovative material, which was developed in cooperation with the Institut für Werkstoff-Forschung of the German Aerospace Center, with 200,000 euros. The researchers' goal is to make the concrete marketable as soon as possible. "This also includes a wider range of applications, such as bending-stressed components such as lintels, beams and ceiling tiles," Schnellenbach-Held adds.

The trick is the mixture composition of quartz glass airgel granulate and ultra high performance concrete, the IHK Essen explains: “By means of extensive investigations on various airgel concretes a perfect mixing ratio was found, which enables the production of high-performance aerosol concrete with a significantly better correlation between bulk density and compressive strength, as well as thermal conductivity and compressive strength in comparison with previous airgel concretes." The new concrete meets the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance in single-leaf construction with relatively low component thicknesses.