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As part of the publicly funded German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) joint project, MoPaHyb , a modular bolt-on long-fiber injection molding unit was successfully integrated into a 3,600 t press. The low-floor injection molding unit developed together with the industrial partner Arburg can be used as a modular unit on vertical clamping units. Integration into the institute’s existing, parallel-controlled press now allows the realization of previously unworkable component dimensions and complexities.

The bolt-on system is coupled directly to the tool, allowing an extremely flexible connection to various vertical clamping units. The FDC (fiber direct compounding) process from SKZ and Arburg, winner of the Brose Innovation Award Europe in 2017, is also integrated. At the FDC, fiber-rovings are cut at the front end of the injection unit and fed directly into the thermoplastic melt, allowing long-fiber reinforced components to be produced more economically.