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Japanese technology group Yaskawa – which is currently growing faster than the market and becoming a bigger player in Europe, for example in Slovenia and in Allershausen near Munich - unveiled its new Motoman GP25 robot model at the start of September. This new addition isn't just compact and flexible but is also genuinely strong, with a proven load-carrying capacity of 25 kilograms. GP stands for "General Purpose", reflecting the wide range of possible uses. Indeed, just like the three smaller models in the GP series - which can carry loads of seven, eight and 12 kilograms - the new robot has also been developed for exceptionally high-speed joining, packaging and general handling applications.

As with its older but not quite as strong siblings, the new 6-axis GP25 has been designed as a compact and extremely fast handling robot and is set to become one of the fastest in its class, thus making it a reliable productivity driver. Like the first models in the GR series, the wrist axes (R, B, T) of the GP25 meet protection class IP67, which means the new robot can also be used for handling and other automation tasks in more demanding environments without further modifications. Thanks to its slim and compact design, the GP25 can also delve deep into the workspace, while its smooth surfaces make cleaning easy. As only one robot cable is needed to connect the manipulator to the controller, further benefits include less wear, a smaller footprint and reduced costs for spare parts and maintenance.