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The new Ultimaker S5 is the latest addition to the 3D printer portfolio of Ultimaker, leading manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, based in the Netherlands. It can be integrated seamlessly into existing workflows and delivers exceptionally reliable results. The Ultimaker S5 features fully integrated hardware, software and material configuration and, says the company, can be optimally adjusted to meet professional needs. It also offers long operating times, geometric freedom and an integrated workflow, creating reproducible products from materials to industry standard.

Besides an optimized touchscreen that enhances the user experience, the printer boasts an increased build volume of 330x240x300 millimeters and a dual extruder. The feeder works with a filament flow sensor that automatically stops the printing process when the filament needs refilling. Printing can then be resumed without impairing print quality. The developers from Ultimaker point out that the print bed can now also be adjusted more easily, thus providing the perfect conditions for a flawless first layer. During printing, the print bed continuously aligns itself, enabling the Ultimaker S5 to be used unsupervised.

The Ultimaker S5 prints with a wide range of materials - from PLA to advanced engineering plastics such as nylon and PC - and one of its most impressive features is its sealed printing chamber. "The development of the Ultimaker S5, combined with the new printing materials and Ultimaker app, sets new standards in professional 3D printing," explains Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker. "Above all, our commitment to creating an optimized 3D printing solution - from the hardware and software through to a wide variety of materials - offers our professional users a more powerful, integrated and automated printing process that is highly reliable and efficient. The Ultimaker S5 can be configured in much less time, enabling users to focus completely on developing functional prototypes, large objects and other designs and models that require extensive geometric design freedom. Together with our continuously updated software and our global distribution and service network, we’ve turned the vision of local digital manufacturing into reality."