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According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the tire comprises a complete tire information system . It consists of the tire and sensors and works together with cloud-based algorithms developed in-house to transmit real-time data to fleet operators via an App. And what exactly can a tire tell us? – More than you’d first think: It constantly provides its ID and condition data, including wear, temperature, and pressure. The main objective is preventive maintenance, to fully exploit the service life of the tire and resolve tire-related issues before the tire is damaged.

In 2017, manufacturer Pirelli presented a similar concept called Connesso that also leverages sensors, embedded in the inner wall of the tire. The concept additionally integrates the Pirelli cloud and a smartphone App, via which the driver can call up all relevant information.

Such systems are likely just the beginning of the developments to come. At the Institute of Micro Production Technology (IMPT) at Leibniz University of Hanover, researchers are cooperating with Continental, for example, to develop production concepts to implement micro-technologically manufactured components in rubber, deemed a “quite unusual material” for microtechnology at the IMPT. One of the aims of the Intelligent Tire project is to examine coating technology issues.