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For the latest ‘Blue Collar Compass’ , 1,000 employees without an academic degree were surveyed. Two thirds of these have already made the move into a profession that doesn’t correspond to what they’re actually qualified for; the overwhelming majority stated that they are also confident that they made the right decision. Many of those surveyed would also consider switching to a shortage occupation when changing jobs: For instance, 58% are interested in the logistics sector, and more than two thirds could imagine working in an industrial manufacturing job. What would most motivate these employees to change jobs are a higher salary, a better working environment, and, last but not least, greater job security.

As an evaluation on job platform Joblift shows, there is currently a high demand for employees in the logistics sector: Within a twelve-month period, the number of jobs in logistics startups alone rose by around 63%. The number of vacant positions in established logistic companies was up just 18% in the same period.