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With special emphasis on clean energy and industry 4.0, a selection of companies will demonstrate Norway’s ambitions for a low carbon society and its key role in developing solutions necessary to transform the industry and reach net-zero.

Norway is honoured to be Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE. Norway’s highly skilled work force, advanced industry and energy technology, as well as high degree of trust and stability, makes us a key partner in the green shift and one of the world’s most attractive countries for business. We are thrilled to showcase the Norwegian way of doing business and highlight what Norway has to offer, says Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

Norway will be present with a national pavilion in hall 12 (Energy Solutions) and in hall 13, with a pavilion specifically dedicated to hydrogen. At the national pavilion, clean energy and industry 4.0 will be at the forefront, with key players like Statkraft, Equinor, Yara, Siemens and Morrow Batteries taking part. Together, Norwegian companies delivering products and solutions from industries such as hydrogen, CCS, AI and machine learning, digital infrastructure, batteries and charging infrastructure, minerals and materials technology will demonstrate Norwegian industry’s key role in the green transition.

Norway and Germany are key trading partners and we have entered a strategic industrial partnership on renewable energy and green industry. We hope the Norwegian presence at the HANNOVER MESSE will further strengthen this close cooperation between our two countries, says Minister Vestre

About Norway

Norway is fully integrated into the European internal market through the EEA Agreement, making trade and investment flow seamlessly between Norway, Germany and the rest of the European Union. Norway and Germany are key trading partners and have entered a strategic partnership on climate, renewable energy and green industry to cooperate even closer in the green transition.

Internationally recognized as a reliable energy producer, Norway combines its rich industrial heritage with a competent workforce, advanced technologies, and a stable environment. These factors make Norway an attractive partner for the global green transition and a favorable destination for business.

Norway is at the forefront in sustainable technologies and innovations, especially in renewable energy, electric mobility, and green infrastructure. Notable examples include the Longship project, which is the world’s first large-scale carbon capture and storage project; the MF Hydra project, which introduced the world’s first ferry powered by liquid hydrogen; and Yara’s building of the world’s first clean ammonia-powered container ship. Norway also boasts the world’s highest penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) and expertise in battery applications for both land-based and maritime transport.

These companies will be at the Norwegian pavilion in the Energy Solutions hall:

Siemens/Morrow Batteries
The Coring Company
GreenCap Solutions
Norwegian Hydrogen
Sustainable Energy Catapult
Manufacturing Technology Catapult
Battery Norway
Innovation Norway
Jotne Connect
ECOnnect Energy

The Norwegian hydrogen pavilion:

Billington Process Technology (BPT)
Gascade Gastransport GmbH
Gen2 Energy
Neo Monitors
UMOE Advanced Composites AS