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Busch Vacuum Solutions - a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors headquartered in Maulburg, Germany - is launching a new generation of MINK MM dry claw vacuum pumps. Busch praises their minimal operating costs, low energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint due to reduced raw material requirements as salient features. The new compact MINK MMs are 15 percent lighter than their predecessors and are also available as Aqua versions or with an IoT kit. They are said to be suitable for use in applications such as the medical and food industries, vacuum packaging and pneumatic conveying, as well as in mechanical engineering, woodworking and the plastics industry.

Despite their lighter weight, they are in no way inferior to their predecessors in terms of performance and robustness, according to their developers. Since the connections are also in the same places, the new vacuum pumps can also easily replace the older versions 1:1 in vacuum systems. Thanks to the proven dry and non-contact vacuum technology, the new MINK MM are also particularly efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Nevertheless, thanks to their redesigned three-part housing, the new vacuum pumps offer particularly easy access for efficient service and fast maintenance. In addition, the drain has been optimized. A special oil drain tool prevents oil from flowing into the housing during drainage.