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Busch Vacuum Solutions, headquartered in Maulburg, Germany, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, blowers and compressors. The Black Forest company's extensive product portfolio includes solutions for vacuum and overpressure applications in all industries, for example chemicals, plastics, semiconductors, medical technology and food. It also includes design and construction of customized vacuum systems as well as a worldwide service network. With the new R5 RA 0520 A rotary vane vacuum pump, Busch is now increasing energy savings by up to 25 percent. According to the manufacturer, it features a compact and hygienic design, lower heat emission and faster and easier maintenance.

Variable speeds for even greater efficiency

With ECOTORQUE, the variable speed drive (VSD) from Busch, available as an optional extra, the pumping speed can also be adapted precisely to the requirements of each process. This can result in additional energy savings of up to 50 percent and a 20 percent increase in pumping speed. The accessory extends the supply voltage range supported by the vacuum pump, making it suitable for use in almost any country in the world. This compact and cost-effective solution is also available as a retrofit kit.

Optimized design brings further advantages

The new pump model is also frugal in other areas. Compared to the previous generation, it requires 20 percent less space, it is 25 percent lower in height, and the absence of external piping improves tightness. The compact and hygienic design also proves water and dirt repellent. Since all service-relevant parts are located on one side and the total number of spare parts has been significantly reduced, maintenance and service work also functions quickly and efficiently. Finally, an improved cooling system optimizes heat dissipation so that the vacuum pump can always perform its work at the ideal operating temperature despite its compact design.

Versatile use

The new vacuum pump is designed for continuous operation in the rough vacuum range with vacuum levels down to 0.1 hectopascals (millibars). Field tests have been successfully conducted to validate performance and reliability. In terms of their combined characteristics, the R5 RA 0520 A and the R5 RA 0520 A ECOTORQUE are said to set new standards in vacuum technology. The pumps are suitable for various applications in vacuum packaging, food and plastics processing, and many other industries. They are therefore an excellent choice for companies looking to improve their processes while minimizing energy costs and reducing their environmental impact, he said.