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Chargemaster is the largest operator of charging stations in the UK. According to a BP statement , the company currently owns around 6,500 nationwide stations to recharge e-vehicle batteries. In total, there are about 135,000 charging stations in the UK and by 2040 the number is expected to increase to around 12 million. BP has acquired Chargemaster for an undisclosed price and will continue to run the company under the name of BP Chargemaster.

Last November, Shell announced a partnership with Ionity , a joint venture between BMW, Daimler, Ford, Audi, and Porsche. It has been agreed that Shell will install Ionity fast charging stations at 80 of its largest motorway service stations in ten European countries, enabling vehicle owners to charge power for around 400 km in twelve minutes. In addition, Shell is working with the charging infrastructure provider Allego and plans to equip the remainder of its gas station network with charging stations. E.ON announced in November as well that it would set up a network of 180 charging stations in seven countries together with electromobility service provider CLEVER, which will enable electric vehicles to make a continuous journey from Norway to Italy.