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Digitization and networking are sweeping through the mechanical and plant engineering sectors, revolutionizing production and the way manufacturers offer their goods and services. "Industry 4.0" seems to be on everyone's lips and, if the experts are right, it offers manufacturers, suppliers and customers huge opportunities to take part in, and benefit from, this exciting development. In a quest to take on a key - if not leading - role in the digital transformation, the Voith Group has launched its new Digital Solutions division and promises that its "OnCumulus.Platform" will be pivotal in devising new digital automation and IT concepts for the plant and mechanical engineering sectors.

OnCumulus is a centralized cloud platform for data from just about all business divisions that customers can use to monitor their digitization projects. To this end, the solution, which is based on open-source technology, can be scaled and expanded flexibly at any time. Voith's IIoT platform scores top marks in terms of data protection and security, complying with the most stringent industry standards and best practices such as CSA, NIST and OWASP. What's more, the company's skilled cyber security experts ensure all data captured is safe and secure from start to finish. All the while, customers stay in complete control of their data in every usage scenario and determine data access themselves. To top it all off, Voith even provides data centers in every region to offer customers local monitoring of their data.

Voith Digital Solutions GmbH (89522 Heidenheim, Germany)
Website: www.voith-robotics.com