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The numbers speak for themselves to reveal the importance of elevators as a means of transportation. More than a billion people use over 12 million elevators all over world every day! This explains why the 190 million outage hours each year caused by elevator maintenance issues present a major challenge for the sector. Global provider of engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, network and operations solutions Cyient has now signed a long-term agreement with thyssenkrupp Elevator, the world's leading passenger transportation systems expert, to help develop its MAX platform, the first real-time solution for cloud-based predictive maintenance.

Cyient's role is to integrate advanced analytics and big data solutions into MAX in the name of predictive maintenance solutions. The MAX platform, which has been developed together with Microsoft using the Azure IoT suite on its cloud platform Azure, thus now also stands to benefit from Cyient's expertise in engineering predictive analytical solutions. Cyient plans to develop algorithms and integrated solutions for reading data from thyssenkrupp’s elevators (think: IoT) and to use this information to increase thyssenkrupp’s abilities to diagnose potential problems and provide an even more outstanding service. "We are delighted at the prospect of Cyient working together with thyssenkrupp and particularly look forward to driving forward innovations in person transportation," says Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director and CEO of Cyient. "Our collaboration will extend thyssenkrupp’s competitive lead in the elevator sector thanks to advanced analytics and big data solutions. Our mission lies in continuously developing unique skills and analytical solutions for our customers. Our own in-house data science competence center Cyient Insights plays a key role in this endeavor." Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator, adds: "MAX is a linchpin in our ambition to transform the elevator sector and improve urban mobility in the world's towns and cities. Having collaborated with Microsoft and Vodafone on the construction of MAX, we are very pleased to have found a further strong partner in Cyient to work on this solution. We firmly believe that the company’s expertise in analytics will help us continue to develop the capabilities of MAX, support our team of more than 24,000 field engineers and propel elevator servicing into the digital era."