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TWINSOFT is a software company that pursues a pretty impressive principle: If a person is excited about something, he accomplishes more of everything - even the impossible. Visitors to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 can decide for themselves whether the company has indeed succeeded in accomplishing the impossible. TWINSOFT is at the fair to exhibit its mobile, intelligent and versatile biometrics suite, known as "BioShare", and explain how it is set to make biometrics the ultimate solution.

"BioShare" is designed as a cost-effective solution for managing biometric features such as palm veins, faces, voices and fingerprints as a digital identity. Not only that, it is said to offer a tamper-proof, user-friendly and highly advanced means of identifying people in real time. It is a system TWINSOFT believes will finally put an end to the use of complex passwords that have to be repeatedly changed and cause not just potential security loopholes, but a great deal of exasperation, too. "BioShare" also promises to meet any challenge without requiring users to turn their whole infrastructure upside down, as it can be easily integrated into existing systems using state-of-the-art interface technologies. Moreover, as a mobile solution, you could say it's quite handy.