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What is the name of your product?


What problem does your product solve?

COMPLETE line is a comprehensive system approach for control cabinet building. COMPLETE line comprises technologically leading and coordinated hardware and software products, consulting services, and system solutions that help you optimize your processes in control cabinet manufacturing. Engineering, purchasing, installation, and operation become significantly easier for you.

The innovative approach COMPLETE line provides is the perfect coordination of all components involved: The product portfolio of COMPLETE line contains more than 10.000 different articles for all applications within the control cabinet. The striking point about this portfolio is that all products match in their design, haptics and functions. Further COMPLETE line provides perfect digital data for the electrical engineering. This data can be used comprehensively through the whole planning and production process. And last but not least COMPLETE line offers individual consulting services to optimize all processes from the manual assembly up to the fully automized production.

With COMPLETE line cabinet builder receiver everything they need for a future-ready panel building process from one hand.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

The main benefit of COMPLETE line is the perfect match of all components. With the standardized accessories for example panel builder are able to mark more than 3000 products with the same marking material. Further they can use the same bridge to connect more than 2600 articles. To speed-up the installation process enormously and make production ready for automation COMPLETE line contains products for all application with the fast and tool-less Push-in connection technology.

Why would you call your product “intelligent”?

COMPLETE line is on the one hand intelligent because of its systemic character. Hard- and software components are perfectly coordinated and matching. On the other hand COMPLETE line contains a lot of smart interconnected products that enhance the production for the Industrial Internet of Things by measuring, collecting, communicating and analyzing data to create a transparent view into the manufacturing process.

Are there any other important points that you can think of?

One focus of COMPLETE line is Smart Production which in this context means consulting services for the individual optimization of processes. This does not necessarily mean the manual mounting needs to be replaced by comprehensive automated plants. Improvements can already be achieved with small changes like the use of high-quality tools or the spatial reorganization of workspace. Maybe a make-or-buy decision brings up that engaging the Phoenix Contact terminal strip service is much more efficient than in-house production. Or that the implementation of worker assistance systems relieves employees for other tasks. The opportunities are limitless. Phoenix Contact support customers with smart solutions for all organizational adjustments to optimize processes. – Smart, lean and future ready.