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What is the name of your product?
Modular safety relay myPNOZ

What problem does your product solve?
The modular safety relays myPNOZ enable tailored safety solutions. Precisely aligned to the customer requirements. myPNOZ combines the advantages of an easy-to-understand and easy-to operate safety relay with internal combinational logic. Clever product features, the innovative online tool myPNOZ Creator and individual production in batch size 1 offer maximum reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency.

What is new/innovative about it? Does the product have a USP? If yes, what is it?
With myPNOZ we are introducing B2C sales processes to the B2B world! The customer makes the selection, we assemble it, the customer receives his safety relay myPNOZ pre-assembled, adjusted and tested and just has to install it via plug-and-play.

What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

  • Save costs – Customers pay only for what they need
  • Avoid errors – no programming skills required
  • Save time – simple and easy installation and commissioning
  • Save space – narrow width and less modules needed
  • Increased availability of the plant – shut down only where it matters
  • How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?
    Industrie 4.0 or industrial transformation encompasses so much more than simply optimising existing processes: with myPNOZ we draw up a universal, digital concept – from ordering through to commissioning. A milestone with regard to digitisation in industry: with myPNOZ we can offer safe solutions that are built in accordance with customers’ specific individual batch size 1 requirements.
    Thanks to a continuous, automated workflow, the specifications and all other information pass without media clashes from order to production and then dispatch. Within the shortest time scale customers have “their” myPNOZ – ready for commissioning. All that’s needed is a screwdriver for control cabinet installation.

    Are there any other important points that you can think of?
    PNOZ safety relays have been on the market for over 30 years and in that time have proven themselves in millions of industrial applications worldwide. Safety relays from the various PNOZ ranges monitor safety functions such as E-STOP, safety gates, light barriers, light curtains, two-hand control devices, pressuresensitive safety mats, speed, standstill and many more. PNOZ is regarded across the world as the epitome of safe, reliable evaluation devices. With numerous ongoing developments, those first PNOZ devices have become complete product ranges for countless applications. The latest addition to the range, myPNOZ, is the world’s first batch size 1 safety relay.